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Reports on Meetings

May 2003

Report on AITIC Workshop on Trade-Related Capacity Building for Small Pacific States
(held in the Holiday Inn, Suva, Fiji, on 14-16 May 2003)

· The need the stress the issues relating to vulnerability, smallness and remoteness;
· The continuous need for government to support farmers;
· Developing niche products for high-valued niche markets;
· The reduction of tariffs for agricultural inputs and equipment;
· The need for ongoing consultations and marketing support for the private sector;
· The continuous capacity building and technical support to the relevant government agencies mainly the Agriculture Ministries.

· Review and consultations with the private sector on sectors where offers could be made;
· Review of the offers already made by the developed negotiating parties;
· Linking the offers to the objective of developing an environment conducive for foreign investment;
· Stressing the issues and constraints pertaining to vulnerability, remoteness, etc. in the service sectors;
· Considering the long-term policies of the governments regarding the state-owned service providers;
· Technical support and capacity building for the officials involved in the negotiating and implementation of the GATS.

· Involving all key stakeholders in the national committee for accession within each government;
· Setting up of a regional working group to share information and strategies on WTO matters especially pertaining to accession;
· Raising the awareness of those already members to participate more actively in the working parties;
· Stressing the drawbacks of being tiny islands and smallness of the economies, with supporting economic and social indicators as proof.

· Reviewing and analyzing all the sectors that PICs could negotiate with to expand S&D under regional arrangements, such as the preparations for negotiations with the European Union;
· Making S&D suitable for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) by recognition under the WTO of their special circumstances.