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Collaboration with other Organisations

Dr Esperanza Durán (Director, AITIC) and Mr Rubens Ricupero (Secretary-General, UNCTAD) at the ceremony marking the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, Palais des Nations, Geneva.
Photo by courtesy of María Amelia Guzmán Martinez-Valls.  

On 6 February 2002, AITIC has formalised its collaboration with UNCTAD and the Intergovernmental Agency of the Francophonie (IAF). A Memorandum of Understanding was concluded with UNCTAD in order to strengthen the trade-related negotiating capacity of developing countries, economies in transition and in particular the least-developed countries (LDCs), including those countries not represented in Geneva. A Protocol was also signed with the IAF, under which it will finance a position for a francophone trade expert, intended to assist non-resident LDCs as well as to take part in some of AITIC's translation activities. (UNCTAD press release)


As part of its collaboration with UNCTAD, AITIC organised a brainstorming session on trade and the environment, on 25 February 2002. The purpose of this first meeting was to open up a dialogue amongst the delegates who attended, on questions of particular importance to less-advantaged countries in this area. The next session will be held in three months' time. (see report)

In addition, AITIC and UNCTAD co-organised a seminar on 28 February and 1 March 2002, covering anti-dumping rules and their implementation, disputes that have arisen in the WTO and practical exercises on dumping margin calculation. (see report)