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The new Members of AITIC:
Mozambique (March 2004), Tunisia (January 2004), Cape Verde (November 2003), Gambia (November 2003), Guinea (October 2003), Guyana (September 2003), Nicaragua (October 2003) and Vanuatu (September 2003).

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Amongst the 148 members and 28 observers of the World Trade Organisation, 24 less-advantaged country members and 8 observers lack the resources necessary to establish and maintain a permanent mission in Geneva. It is for this reason that in October 2000, AITIC established a dedicated Unit to assist the representatives of these countries, which have limited access to information and which have, to date, participated to only a limited extent in the multilateral trading system. AITIC is currently putting in place an "Early Warning System" to keep these countries up to date with developments and questions of importance to them.
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AITIC's Early Warning System is now available.
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